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Couple Rings Set in Turkey

What it means and how to wear it

The engagement ring is worn on either hand. It is not an accepted practice in any country. In Turkey the country where engagement is followed by an occasion of celebration and is a tradition that is very important to the couple as well as the families the ring is positioned on the left hand ring finger as it is in Germany. We'll explain what an engagement in Turkey means, the role of the ring and how it's worn. Additional reading suggestions Wedding proposal in Turkey and weddings in Turkey.

An event with great significance

In Germany the marriage proposal is a special event that only occurs between two people. It is not celebrated with friends and family. However, in Turkey it's a different story. In the country of the Bosporus the marriage proposal is an established tradition that is associated with a variety of ceremonies and celebrations. Of course, there's nothing wrong with a modern-day marriage promise in Turkey in the present, where couples can enjoy on their own - but once the marriage proposal is accepted the traditional wedding celebrations commence that are just a part of it. This often includes an elegant proposal ring but very religious couples have no need for this piece of jewelry. Of course, there are exceptions and couples who implement the traditional way of life or who have a different perspective.

Not without the parents

You can't just ask your partner if they want to get married, and then place the rings on their fingers. That is not enough in Turkey. A truly "complete" proposal will also include an interview with bride's parents. The groom-to-be seeks her parents for permission to marry his loved one, along with his parents who have been informed of the wedding. If this is done in a traditional manner, even the groom's dad takes on this responsibility.

The small-scale engagement party

If both families agree that the marriage should be performed then the engagement rings will be exchanged. However, this only happens when couples do not strictly adhere to the Islamic faith. In this case the bride isn't really the groom's wife until the wedding, but is a kind of stranger who is not wearing an engagement ring. Or, like it is often for us, only the lady wears a ring for the proposal, for example a beautiful solitaire ring. After the ring exchange, the celebrations could begin. In Turkey, other family members are invited to the visit with parents and to the small celebration of engagement that follows. The celebration can also be held with aunts, grandparents and uncles, if the engagement rings are placed on the hands of the bride (or both partners).

The big engagement party

It's the time to get large and not small. Up 200 guests is not uncommon for the Turkish engagement celebration. The Turkish people are fond of keeping to the traditions of the past. What shade of dress is she wearing? Who will pay for it? Who pays for the wedding reception? At this time, the proposal rings are exchanged again in the presence of all guests. One of the most notable features is that - when both spouses wear an engagement ring, the rings that will later be used as wedding rings are often used. This is the reason why people often dig a little deeper into their pockets when purchasing engagement rings. There are no additional charges for wedding rings. After the "official" ceremony is completed the partying begins - typically late into the evening.

The meaning behind the engagement ring as well as the ring itself in Turkey

In Turkey unlike Germany and the USA, and many other western countries, engagement rings have a totally different meaning. In Muslim countries, it's a symbol to show love and unity between two individuals without any religious significance. Depending on the degree of religious fervor and the interpretation of the Koran by the imam, couples could opt to not wear a ring at the proposal or even for their wedding. This religious tradition has its roots in the belief that when a ring is displayed in plain view, the couple is imitating people of non-Muslim faith. If a woman believes the ring she received for her proposal was given to her by her husband the ring is hers to wear and wear it with confidence.

The left hand

The question "On which hand will you wear your engagement ring?" The answer is quite simple In the event that a Turkish couple chooses to wear a proposal band, it will be worn on the left ring-finger just like in Germany. After the wedding, it can be put on the right ring finger to go with the wedding ring.

There's no gold for those who believe in God.

In Turkey, when the engagement rings are also used as wedding rings, it's typical to select jewellery that isn't made of gold. Men who belong to the Muslim faith are not allowed to wear gold jewelry, because the precious metal has been equated with excessive luxury that should be avoided due to religious reasons. The majority of couples, if religious, will choose rings composed of silver or platinum. However, whether or not the latter is an additional luxury is a different issue. If the woman wears only the ring, then it can be made of gold in any alloy she wants. Women are permitted to wear jewelry of any kind and they often do.

Beautiful custom

In Turkey the ring for the proposal is usually purchased by the groom's parents. This is because the secret marriage vow between two people is not made and the interpretation of religion has to allow rings to be worn. If you decide to wear rings on both hands, a gorgeous ribbon is used to connect them. This ribbon will be cut during the time of the engagement celebration. This is done following the exchange of rings, if each partner already has the jewelry on their fingers. The proposal rings take on a new meaning, namely the bond between man and woman, which is sealed by the parents, as well as the family members and friends who are invited to the event.

The Engagement Ring from Turkey

The proposal ring, while not typically worn by all couples or at the very least by every bride-to be remains a tradition in Turkey. Although strictly religious Muslims often reject it, it's a part of many couples and plays a crucial role in engagement celebrations. Wedding rings are typically used for engagement rings, and are therefore a better investment. While religious men are typically not allowed to wear gold jewelry but women are allowed to adorn their bodies with gold as they like. If you and your partner decide to propose with an engagement ring, it's worn on the left hand, as is customary in Germany and is placed on the right hand as a ring along with the wedding band after the marriage. It is also possible to be worn on the left ring finger - should the bride decide to do to do so.


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