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Jeddah Chess Club

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JCC is a chess club based in Jeddah. In this chess club, we offer two main things. Physical meetups and online lessons.

Physical Meetups - Physical meetups are the perfect times to relax and play chess with others. Physical meetups will occur one a week and announced on our instagram ( and in our WhatsApp group chat (to join, click the "to join" button under "JCC Welcomes You" above). Meetups will usually occur in appreciable cafes. Come join as you will join our community and play chess!

Online Lessons - Online lessons are aimed at beginners who don't how to play and want to get better. Here we provide educational lessons on the basics, principles and much more. Each session is organized, having lessons prepared to up to 4 months. At the end of sessions, participants are given small and easy tasks to perform to improve their play and what they have learned so far. For more information click the "Classes" button near the home button.  

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Why Join Us?

Chess itself has a plethora of mental benefits and can improve your confidence. Jeddah also doesn't have many active chess communities that can connect and play with one another.

Therefore, JCC aims to hit two birds with one stone; teach good quality content and create a community through physical meetups. We will be on every step on the way for each online session participants and make sure all understands and feels seen. We are an authentic organization who's dedication and determination is driven by our passion for chess. 

With us, you'll have great chess experiences and memories.

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